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Hi, my name is Vanja and I am a masseuse and I finished study of kinesiology (exercise science). I work in a small and cozy place in a beautiful town Izola, 50 m away from the sea and 200 m away from the popular beach "Svetilnik" (which means "Lighthouse").

If you are visiting the Slovenian Coast or working in Izola, Koper or nearby you are welcome for a good, deep relaxing massage.

If you are suffering from neck and/or backpain, or if you would like to improve your posture, we may combine it with helpful exercises which are easy to learn.


Full body massage - 60 min

Relaxing full body massage: This is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage with some gentle stretching. It is a perfect gift for your body after a long journey, intensive sightseeing or stressful day at work. 

45 EUR

Upper body massage - 45 min

This is a partial body massage, suited to your individual needs, most commonly used for upper body problems such as shoulder and neck pain, bad posture and back pain.

35 EUR

Mobile massage on the chair - 5 to 30 min

Chair massage is sweet, short and effective. You do not need privacy, since you are fully dressed and seated on a special, very comfortable chair. Chair massage is used for  massage of the back, neck, shoulders and arms.


The chair massage is a mobile massage, which means I can come to you. The maximum time for each massage is 30 minutes, but it can be shorter as well.

The minimum to be ordered is 30 minutes. The time can be divided among more persons. I can come to Koper, Izola or Ankaran for the minimum of 30 minutes. If the sessions are 60 minutes or more I can also come to Portorož.

A chair massage is a nice addition to a friendly gathering or picnic or just for a home relaxation after a busy day. Massages can be done inside or outside. Please contact for the price


Learn what is your optimal posture and start exercise to improve it. With Spiral Stabilization method you will finally relax your overworking muscle with simply activating the sleepy muscles you might not even know you have. You will learn what is spiral muscles, how to activate the spiral and how it can help you with your shoulder or back problems. Spiral muscle chains are a natural way to decompress your spine. SPS method is used for all kind of back problems (hernia, back pain, scoliosis...).

Get your basics of a good posture alignment  in one or more individual movement therapy hours, so you can use it every day to lessen your discomfort in the back. 

60 min Spiral Stabilization lesson - 30 EUR


Please book a therapy at least one day ahead.

Working hours: from 9 am to 8 pm.

Booking and additional info:
GSM, VIBER or SKPYE: 00386 40 579630 (Vanja)
Email: info @ gibalnaterapija.si


entrance - massages and movement therapy

Name: "Center za Gibalno Terapijo"

Address: Kumarjeva ulica 7, 6310 Izola

Orientation: In the small street behind the Hotel Marina and about 200 m away from the popular Izola beach "Svetilnik". So you are more than welcome in the hot summer for a cool down relaxing massage".